Toxic Mold Videos

This is our list of most recommended toxic mold videos followed by a comprehensive listing.

Top Toxic Mold Documentary

Producer and director of the movie Black Mold Exposure, and girlfriend, both became severely—and chronically—ill after being exposed to toxic mold in their apartment several years ago. They began filming their experiences early on as they unfolded which resulted in the first-ever film documenting the lives of those damaged by toxic mold. The movie follows this couple and others whose lives were derailed by mold illness, visits with some of the top physicians working in the field of mycotoxin illness today, and, as the film’s website  reveals how mold victims oftentimes must recover their own health single-handedly “in an atmosphere of political and social intolerance and disbelief.”

Top Toxic Mold News Clip

Dan Paulak died from the effects of toxic mold in his workplace–the offices of the Southern Nevada health district. His job as an inspector was to keep people safe from a harmful environment, yet he was eaten from the inside out by stachybotrys and aspergillus. Also see the gripping follow up story.

Latest toxic house catastrophe – toxic drywall from China

The watchdog group taking the lead on this issue says, “We think we are looking at the worst case of sick houses in US history.”

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